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About Us

As an association of cultural mediation professionals, the Academy of Cultural Producers has been thinking about cultural production since 1999.

The Academia de Produtores Culturais is responsible for gathering useful information for all its members on the competent, technical, and ethical exercise of the profession of producer in general, and of cultural producer in particular. And in response to the needs of cultural producers, it organizes training and information activities to help them defend and implement national, European, and international projects committed to the development of territories and communities.

The development-oriented projects are diversified and range from the creation or promotion of cultural organizations (theatres, museums, festivals, etc.) to the organization and incubation of artistic structures (theatre companies, orchestras, bands, etc.), as well as the creation, programming and executive producer of shows, exhibitions, concerts, etc. in public and private artistic and cultural structures.

The Cultural Producer

A cultural producer is responsible for creating and implementing organizations and artistic-cultural content, capable of contributing to the sociocultural development of the individual.

Therefore, it is the Cultural Producer’s duty and consequently distinguished from the Producer, to defend and implement artistic and cultural projects, whose principles and values contribute to the affirmation of knowledge, and to the sociocultural development of the individual, according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Who can join?

All professionals recognized and accredited by the Direction of the Academia de Produtores Culturais, with training and experience in executive production, independent cultural production, cultural management and sociocultural animation, and who meet the profile and objectives of the profession of the independent cultural producer.

The State, the Municipalities and the Academy of Cultural Producers

Since 1999, the State has been one of the main interlocutors of the Academia de Produtores Culturais. The central state and the local state.

In fact, the purposes of the Academia de Produtores Culturais involve a public, political dimension of cultural production: to stimulate a citizenship
aware of their rights and duties, promoting, to this end, the cultural and social development of communities and territories.

We stimulate a culture of proximity, which listens to the communities, their problems, and their added value, thinking with them, and with the political powers, about the regeneration of territories, the revitalization and modernization of local commerce, the integration of excluded or at-risk populations, the fight against school drop-outs, etc., etc.

Our intervention on each territory, using the creative eye of several artists and cultural producers, involves culture and the arts, but also social and school action, tourism, commerce, urbanism and urban hygiene, etc. etc.

APC Governing Bodies


President – Miguel Abreu
Vice President – Rita Sousa Guerreiro
Secretary – Ruben Sousa Marques

General Assembly

President – Fernando Pedro Oliveira
Secretaries – Miguel Duarte and Joana Ferreira

Fiscal Council

President – Isabel Santos
Member – Madalena Tenreiro da Cruz
Secretary – Manuela Jorge

Elected in Extraordinary Assembly on March 18, 2020