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Taking into account the work that APC has developed over the years, in the study of audiences, cultural mediation, and questioning about cultural fruition, the Academia’s team supported the development of Massa Crítica, in its first edition, which took place in the year 2021/22. This is a project by Associação Histórias Para Pensar with executive production by Cassefaz and with support from the Garantir Cultural program.

Massa Crítica is a cultural mediation project, which aims to reflect on the role of the spectator, with young high school students and art school students, with a close connection to four cultural spaces in the Greater Lisbon area:
Centro Cultural Malaposta, Teatro Aberto, Teatro Maria Matos and Teatro Meridional, greatly enriched the experience considering the diversity in cultural programming designed by each.
We leave the invitation to explore the final publication of this first edition that took place in the 2021/22 school year

  • built between cultural mediators, sociologist, programmers and producers
    cultural, and of course, students interested in living the culture that the city offers!