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In the 2021/22 school year, the É COMO É project toured 16 schools in Évora and Madeira, with the goal of empowering 2nd grade children to make a difference through the arts. Learn more at

This project was financially supported by the Active Citizens program, under the EEAGrants financial mechanism, and was promoted by the Academy of Cultural Producers, in partnership with the associations ANDO Portugal and ACSS-Raquel Lombardi, with support from local authorities.

Each student had access to dance, music, and visual arts sessions, ending with an online exchange between classes, all of which stimulated critical thinking and dialogue about diversity.

We now finish the project with the presentation of an e-book created by teacher and writer Raquel Lombardi, setting down thoughts, perceptions, and deconstructions gathered from the more than 300 students involved. Get to know this work here.