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The FÔLEGO project – which combines arts and science to reflect and act on climate – will integrate two official sessions of the 27th United Nations Climate Conference (COP27), on November 10 and 17. Based in five municipalities in the Center of Portugal – Mação, Oleiros, Sertã, Proença-a-Nova and Vila de Rei – the FÔLEGO project takes the reality of this territory to the conference, taking place in Egypt, as part of the agenda to combat climate change.

The presentations, dedicated to the problematic of forest fires – the project’s central theme and one of the biggest climate challenges in the region and in the country – will be given by FÔLEGO partners Steve Hartman, executive director of BRIDGES Sustainability Science Coalition, and António Louro, vice-president of the Mação municipality. This synergy already results from the exchange of artistic and academic residencies “Ice and Fire” – a FÔLEGO activity that links Portugal and Iceland in this joint effort.
The participation in the COP – the biggest and most important annual conference dedicated to climate – occurs in the month in which the project completes one year of activity in the territory, dozens of activities integrated in a program of shows and community work with the population, aiming to raise awareness of the problem through the arts.

The COP brings together world leaders with the aim of making stronger commitments among governments to combat climate change on a global scale. The adaptation of territories to the consequences of climate change (increased risks of fire, drought, flooding, and temperature variations) will be a main focus, along with the mitigation of the effects – with the main emphasis on reducing greenhouse gas emissions – and the evaluation of methods and commitments to finance the green transition.

Selected for funding under EEA Grants, the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area, the FÔLEGO project is promoted by the Academy of Cultural Producers, in partnership with Mapa das Ideias, Heidi Rustgaard (Norway), the University of Iceland, Associação Pinhal Maior, and the five municipalities – Mação, Oleiros, Proença-a-Nova, Sertã, Vila-de-Rei – acting in a coordinated effort among dozens of local, national, and international institutions, both governmental and non-governmental.
In 2023, the FÔLEGO, as well as its scope and territory, will be presented again at an international conference of partners of the “Future Earth” network.