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We publish here the Reference Remuneration Table, elaborated from the Informal Meetings of Cultural Producers, which took place this year.

This table was made with the purpose of contributing to the balance of payments in the performance area.

We point out a recommendation of the minimum, medium and maximum reference standards.

There are differences between experienced professionals and professionals starting their careers.

We also found differences between professionals who collaborate with structures supported and not supported by the Minister of Culture.

These values depend on the working hours and do not mention the type of contract, which depends on the type of existing contractual relationship.

Adds Iva, depending on the activity and circumstance.

In preparing this table, DGA application reports and information sharing by producers and artists were consulted.

The objective of this table is not to institute a rigour that invalidates the singularity of each project, but rather a set of guiding recommendations for a more coherent and fairer distribution of public money.

The Table can be consulted here.