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September 10, 11, 12 and 13 Lisbon, between Martim Moniz and Igreja dos Anjos (Free entrance)Wearing a sari, getting a haircut at a Chinese or African hairdresser’s, calibrating car tires at inviting prices, or dancing like in Bollywood will be just some of the activities possible between September 10th and 13th in Lisbon. The idea, according to Madalena Victorino, will be “to walk around S. Domingos, Martim Moniz, Intendente, Mouraria and Anjos to get to know them like the back of my hand. TODOS – Caminhada de Culturas, an event integrated into the program of LEM [Lisboa, Encruzilhada de Mundos], under the responsibility of Councilwoman Manuela Júdice, from the Lisbon City Hall, is a partnership with the Academia de Produtores Culturais and has been conceived by Miguel Abreu, Madalena Victorino, Giacomo Scalisi and Inês Barahona. More than a Festival, which promises to cross photography, music, cinema, dance, gastronomy and much more, TODOS will be a great Festival that, over four days, will give voice to the various cultures that inhabit or pass through Lisbon. The Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio (Rome) and the Incrível Tasca Móvel (Portugal) are joined by Indian fanfares or Moldavian dances, on these days when neighbourhood inhabitants can take the public into their own homes, to discover a candlelit tiled staircase or a mosque where only men are allowed to enter. Also of note is the participation of French photographer Georges Dussaud, who has been working in the field for a few months, whose final work will be installed on the empty walls of the buildings, revealing new images of a glowing population from various parts of the world. TODOS will be a meeting between Portuguese and foreign traditions; a meeting between residents, artists, and the public of multiple Lisbon. A moment of dialogue and exchange will be divided between larger street events and more intimate events that connect visitors to the community and invited creators. Stores, restaurants, hairdressers, places of worship, and associations become protagonists in this journey of other people who inhabit the city and are also Lisboans.

TODOS – Walk of Cultures
Conception and programming by Miguel Abreu, Madalena Victorino, Giacomo Scalisi and Inês Barahona
Lisbon, between Martim Moniz and Igreja dos Anjos (Free entrance)
September 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th