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The Natércia Campos Award was established in 2011 by the Academia de Produtores Culturais and aims to highlight, every two years, the work of a cultural producer with a proven track record in the field of thought and implementation of socio-cultural development projects in Portugal.

Cláudia Regina, Nuno Ricou Salgado, Alexandre Oliveira, Tânia Guerreiro, and the duo Inês Câmara/Ana Fernambuco, were, to date, the awarded personalities. The selection of the award winners is made by a panel of judges, all cultural producers, based on the analysis of applications that reach APC by May 15, 2023, or by analysis of producers’ careers suggested by members of the jury.

Those interested in submitting an application should consult the Natércia Campos Award Regulations, and send it to Miguel Abreu’s email: