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The Academia de Produtores Culturais is pleased to announce the arrival of the irreverent and unsubmissive Communicator and Cultural Manager Toni Puig [Barcelona] to give two seminars in Lisbon, on May 5th and 7th.

The invitation addressed by the Academia de Produtores Culturais to the “guru of the cities”, has the purpose of providing those responsible for cultural equipment – producers, directors or programmers – from the public and private sectors, as well as socio-cultural organizations from the third sector, with a set of theoretical and practical approaches that we consider useful, effective and critical in the horizon of contemporary cultural production and practices.


Seminar 1| May 5th 2009 | Padrão dos Descobrimentos Auditorium | 9h30 > 17h00

Topic: Management and Cultural Communication of Complicity: new perspectives in public services of culture with citizens.


A Look at Contemporary Culture: From Jack Lang to Obama

The dynamic interactions between Culture and City: the city of well-being with everyone

Relational marketing and complicity in public cultural services

Cooperation and co-production of networked services

Complicity, communication, and citizenship

Against bureaucratic monotony and predictability, a creative and innovative public activity

Case Studies: Barcelona, Berlin, Medellin, Cordoba

Recipients: Councilors, Directors, Managers, Senior Technicians, Producers, Animators and Cultural Programmers in positions in public cultural services. [Theaters, Museums, City Halls, Regional Directorates, Networks, Institutes, Municipal Companies, Libraries, Archives, Galleries, etc…]

Seminar 2 | May 7th 2009 | Auditório do Padrão dos Descobrimentos | 9h30 > 17h00

Theme: Culture Marketing and Trust: creation and valorization of cultural brands, management and audience loyalty.


Creating Cultural Brands: how to add more value to culture?

Collaboration and co-management in a network

How to design a good service catalog

Implicative cultural communication

Audience management and loyalty: the relational complicity

Recipients: Producers, Mediators, Marketers, Public Relations, Managers, Directors, Administrators and Cultural Programmers working in the private and third sectors. [Foundations, Associations, Cooperatives, Cultural Equipment, Media, Galleries, etc…].


Registration for the seminars should be done through the online form available at:


– Seminar 1: 45 euros [até 20 de Abril 2009] and 60 euros [posteriormente].

– Seminar 2: 45 euros [até 20 de Abril 2009] and 60 euros [posteriormente].

– Both seminars: 80 euros [até 20 de Abril 2009] and 110 euros [posteriormente].


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